Buying Plants From The Caboolture Markets

Despite the fact that we bought a bunch of plants weeks ago, that were still sitting in their pots on the backyard, we decided to visit the Caboolture markets last weekend and get some more plants.

Here’s what we got…

  • 2 x bangalow palms for $5 each
  • 3 x kangaroo paws for $8 each
  • 4 x lilly pillies for $8 each
  • 1 x kafir lime tree for around $20
  • 3 x rainbow trees
  • And an orchid of some sort

Then we reaslised they had to fit in the back of my hatchback…

Thankfully they did all fit, although the palm trees went from one corner of the boot, all the way down past the side of my seat with a couple of leaves swaying around in the footwell.

We also managed to plant most of them in our new garden, but more about that in a later post.