Time to dig a trench

Last week I organised for Telstra to come out and hook up the phone line.  Being an existing home and noting that there were a couple of phone plugs around the place, I figures connecting up the line would be an easy job.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t have been more wrong…

The technician from Telstra advised that the line was fine out in “the pit” (the hole in your footpath covered by the concrete Telstra box) but unfortunately there was no signal inside the house.

She tried a few things, but sadly the only way to fix the problem is to dig a new trench from our house to the pit and have Telstra lay a new cable in there.

Telstra recommend having a contractor dig the trench, but after doing some research online it seems that plenty of people just like me have dug their own ditch without any problems.  Telstra even have the instructions and specifications available on their website.

So that is my next exciting job, digging a ditch…