Our New Home

So this is our new home.  It’s a two story brick home built in the seventies which is quite typical for its age and the area.

There are three bedrooms upstairs, and downstairs has been built in to accommodate a study and an additional guest room.  The guest room was to be our pool room, but turns out it’s a little too small for that purpose.  It will now be my office until the proper office has been renovated.

The kitchen and bathroom are certainly liveable, but they are dated and are definitely towards the top of our list for replacement.  The bathroom will be first to go, as it’s the one most in need of updating.

The carpets in the lounge, dining room and hallway have been ripped up at some stage, with the hardwood floor underneath having subsequently been polished.  Unfortunately the previous owners have done a very poor job of looking after it, and it will need polishing again very soon.

Lighting throughout the home has been updated through the use of downlights.  A lot of downlights!  I don’t think it will be great for our power consumptions, but I must admit they do look good at night.

The walls upstairs look like they’ve been painted sometime within the last few years, with some bright feature walls in the lounge room.  The paint isn’t too bad at first glance, but upon closer inspection they haven’t done a particularly good job, so new paint throughout is definitely on the cards.

Outside, the home sits on a nice flat block.  The previous owners haven’t done a bad job with the landscaping, but it is pretty basic.  Our first job outside is to start planting trees in the backyard that will start to give us some good privacy over the coming years.  We intend to build a big deck on the back eventually, so we need the trees to grow fairly high.

Enough typing, I’ll let the real estate agent’s photos do the rest of the talking.  These were obviously taken while the previous owners still lived here.

The floors look in better condition here than they actually are.  This pic also shows the generous use of downlights as well as the handy sunroom out the front.

You can see the poor condition of the timber floors here in the dining room.  Why couldn’t they have spent $5 and ten minutes of their time to stick some felt pads on the table and chairs?  We’ve now done that, but the damage has already been done.

The kitchen looks neat enough, but the lack of benchspace is the worry here.  Plus it does look a little dated.

The bathroom is definitely the daggiest looking room in the house.  Replacing the lemon yellow walls with bright white would be a big improvement, but a total renovation is on the cards for the bathroom.

The master bedroom.  There’s loads of wardrobe space, which is great news for Jessica.  They’ve installed an air conditioner in the wall by removing one of the windows, but unfortunately they’ve done a rushed job which isn’t great.

This bedroom is quite neat.

And the “green room” looks good too.

We thought this could be the pool room, but after doing some measurements it’s going to be a little too tight for comfort.  It’s a shame too, because we had a free pool table ready to go!

This will eventually be my office, but as you can see it needs a LOT of work before a business of my status can move in there! 😉

Our little entertaining area.  It’s not huge, but it should be great for the odd BBQ and beers.  You can’t really see from the photos, but the lattice work all ’round is starting to sag at the bottom.  Another handyman job for me over the coming weeks.

And the nice flat backyard, complete with a 9,000 litre water tank.  I doubt we’ll ever be short of water with that sucker out there.  Privacy is almost non-existent with our two side neighbours, so we’ll be planting plenty of screening plants and trees over the coming weeks and months.